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  1. Adventurer's Guest House

    Our private backyard is a great place to hang out and cook a bbq &/or relax after a long day in the mountains.
    1789 Hay Road, Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada
    (250) 837-4876
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  2. Revelstoke Mountain Resort

  3. Rogers Pass Ski Touring

    Glacier National Park of Canada protects, for all time, a portion of the Columbia Mountains Natural Region, in the interior wet belt of British Columbia. The steep, rugged mountains, warm, moist climate and wide variety of plant and animal life are typical of this natural region. The park protects unique stands of old-growth cedar and hemlock and critical habitat for threatened and endangered wildlife species such as the mountain caribou, mountain goat and grizzly bear. The Rogers Pass National Historic Site is located in Glacier National Park. Rogers Pass was so designated for its importance in the construction and development of the country's first major national transportation route.
  4. Sledding

    Experience the range and variety of the Columbia Mountains Natural Region while exploring Mount Revelstoke National Park. Travel from valley bottom old-growth interior rainforest on the Giant Cedars Nature Trail, or lush wetland along the Skunk Cabbage Nature Trail, up the Meadows-in-the-Sky Parkway to the mountaintop experience of the summit of Mount Revelstoke. Winter is the dominant season and lingers on the summit until July or even August. During the brief summer, the mountaintop explodes into colour when its wildflower meadows bloom in mid-August. In winter, a profound silence envelopes the mountain as snow accumulates to depths of four or five metres and more.
  5. Woolsey Creek Cafe

    Our vision is to create a unique experience where imaginative and flavorful cuisine meet a welcoming & funky atmosphere. By exploring the local terroir and promoting a farm-to-table bistro, we give the community an opportunity to have a more sustainable dining experience.
  6. The Village Idiot

    A delicious pizza place with generous portions and a variety of menu options to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.
  7. 112 Restaurant & Lounge

    The 112 Restaurant and Lounge has been serving up classic elegance with a side of winter adventure for 35 years, catering to Canadian Mountain Holidays, a well known heli-ski operation for almost as long.
  8. Great White North Bar & Grill Inc

    A unique and comfortable environment that is sure to make every dining experience a special one. Try the delicious burgers!
  9. Benoit's Wine Bar

    Revelstoke Benoit’s Wine Bar is an idea that started in 2005. We have developed a Wine Bar concept based on a combination of a relaxed ambiance, fine wines and a ‘’petit je ne sais quoi’’ of French classiness.
  10. Kawakubo Japanese Restaurant

    An authentic Japanese dining experience with the best Japanese cuisine you'll find.
  11. Pam's Kitchen

    German chicken is the specialty and it is made perfectly with wonderful flavors every day.
  12. Stoke Roasted Coffee Co

    Stoke Roasted Coffee Co. is a fresh roasterie located in Revelstoke, BC. Our theory of ‘nice beans’ is a philosophy which includes great coffee, positive impact, and harm reduction. We apply these values to every aspect of our business, from the beans we buy, to the packaging we use, to our inventory management, distribution, and price. We strive to be socially and environmentally conscious, roasting beans that are grown ethically by farmers and workers who are treated fairly. Every bean we roast has been certified Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and/or Utz Kapeh, except for a few special offerings that our supplier buys directly from the farmers. We carefully select, roast, and blend our beans for flavors and characteristics that create an excellent cup of coffee, and will stoke you up to get after your day.
  13. Revelstoke Powder Rentals

    Welcome to Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada. Revelstoke Powder Rentals is Revelstoke's premier downhill ski and snowboard rental store. Conveniently located on the way to Revelstoke Mountain Resort, we offer Salomon & K2 skis as well as Jones, Burton and Salomon snowboards that are suited for Revelstoke's conditions.
  14. Skookum Cycle & Ski

    At Skookum Cycle & Ski, we have what you need to get out there and have your best day playing in the hills, whether you’re rolling or sliding!
  15. Boulder Mountain Downhill Network

    Access: Boulder is accessed from the Westside Rd. From Revelstoke, head west from the TransCanada highway #1 and Victoria Rd/Laforme Dr intersection (Tim Horton’s). Drive west on Hwy 1, turn right at the lights on Westside Rd, travel ~3km. Turn Left on Jordan FSR, just past the Revelstoke Landfill. Drive to 1km corner on the Jordan FSR. This is where you can leave a retrieval vehicle and where the majority of trails come out. Trails to ride: Loggin Leftovers – Blue – Starts from a spur road at the 5km corner on the Jordan FSR. Park on the spur road and pedal a short distance. You will see the trail start in the cutblock on the left. This trail has a few crossings that are marked with a sign post (but no sign yet!). The trail crosses the power-line where you will come to a fork – stay straight for Loggin Leftovers or right to the Boondocker (black). Gravy Bacon –Black Diamond - Starts ~300m before the 5km corner on the Jordan FSR. Cross the powerline and stay straight at the junction to finish on the Boondocker or head left for Loggin Leftovers. There are built structures on this trail (double black diamond) – check ‘em before you ride ‘em! Lower Bike Club trail – Blue – This trail starts close to the first road crossing on Loggin’ Leftovers. Drive to about 2km on the Jordan FSR and take the spur road that accesses the power-line. Follow this spur to the bottom of the cutblock (stay right from the power-line), the trail starts between Boondocker (downhill) and Loggin’ Leftovers (uphill). It is a short section of trail that finishes at the power-line where you can connect to Loggin Leftovers or Boondocker. Upper Bike Club trail– Double Black Diamond - This trail can be accessed from two locations – From the 2100 Spur Rd (approx. 5.5km on Jordan FSR) or from the 2500 Spur Rd (approx. 7.5km on Jordan FSR). From the 2100 Spur Rd, follow for about 2km and look for a sign post and trail on the left. If you hit a new cutblock, you’ve gone too far! From the 2500 Spur Rd, bike or drive past the trail-h
  16. Frisby Ultimate Downhill Trail (access rd.)

    This great downhill trail, accessed from the same logging road as the new Frisby Ridge XC trail, is one of the classic DH trails in the area. With great cliffside views of the Jordan River below (careful) and steep terrain that will have you shaking out your arms more than a few times on the descent, this trail offers up a downhill experience that will have you returning lap after lap trying to memorize each curve, berm or steep roll. Some fall maintenance and a few well placed reroutes, an improvement in flow, sightlines and drainage will make the experience on this trail even better for the upcoming season. Connect this trail after riding the new Frisby Ridge XC trail to make en epic ride that will give you mix of every kind of riding you may be looking for. A minimum of an all-mountain bike is advised for this trail. Distance Information: Elevation Information: 1100m to 600m Rating: expert DH Access: From Revelstoke go west on Highway #1, at the Hig
  17. Sale/Martha Creek Trail

    The Martha Creek (Sale Mt.) Trail is a spectacular 1580m/9km descent from alpine meadows to valley bottom. The trail is equipped with low and mid-elevation access points for early and late season rides, and the option for a 5000ft climb up logging roads to the top. Access: Starting at the Hwy1/Hwy 23N junction drive 21km north of Revelstoke. Turn right on the Sale Mountain FSR, and drive a further 15km’s of dirt road to the summit. You will need 4wd to drive the last 5km’s of this road. Specific mileage to the summit from the start of the FSR is: at 5.2km turn left. Turn right at 11.3km (you are now in a large cutblock). Turn left at 11.6km. Turn right at 12.8km. 15.7km finds you at the top of the road at the tower. The trail descends to the south. Low Elevation Access: At 5.2km turn right. Go 2.8km and turn left. Finally another 1.2km along, turn right. As of Sept. 2011 the road is washed out here, it may be passed by bikers at low water. The trail is found a few hundred meters down this road. Mid Elevation Access (not passable by vehicle): From the 11.6km junction go right and travel 2.8km to the trail intersection. The Ride: The trail drops from the tower into some technical riding right off the start. This leads into beautiful, mellow alpine meadows. Once the meadows end, so does the easy riding. Steep and fun technical riding through old growth forest and cutblocks will challenge any type of rider. Midway down, the trail gets fast and flowy with newly refurbished sidehill sections that will have your rotors smoking. The lower section slows down into technical rocks and roots, testing your bike skills along with testing your now tired arms and hands. Take your bike across the highway at the bottom and go cool off in Lake Revelstoke at the Martha Creek campground. This 5000 foot descent is one of the best you’ll find for miles around and will have you returning again and again for years to come. Notes: Summit is not snow free until early July. Please do not drift – it causes huge
  18. Blanket Creek Trail

    Flowy, Steep & Rocky descent with a few no fall zones.
  19. Rubberhead Trail Network

    The region’s purpose built downhill destination is both shuttle and uphill ride friendly. Combines old school challenge and new big-flow, burmy descents. The growing trail system opens up a progressive purpose built freeride area to a whole new wave of intermediate riders, as well as creates expanded variety for advanced riders. Plus links into the Larch Hills make brand new epic X-C/DH days possible. The new trails tuck and roll their way through mixed forested hillsides punctuated with some crazy view scapes over Salmon Arm Bay and the surrounding hills. Brilliant in the fall when the Larch turn golden yellow!
  20. Mount 7 Bike Trail Network

    Mount 7 is named after the ‘7’ that appears every spring as the snow melts around the peak. The trails are largely a downhill system with lots of steeps. Most trails are one-way only, trails #12 (Jeep Road) and #15 (Woodlot Ride) can be ridden both ways, # 12 can be challenging. Respect private and woodlot lands by staying on the trails!
  21. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

    1500 Kicking Horse Trail Golden, BC V0A 1H0, 1545 Kicking Horse Trail
    Directions Google Maps
    Highest Bike Park and the longest descent in Canada VERTICAL: 1,128 metres (3,700 feet) ELEVATION: • Top of Kicking Horse: 2,450 metres (8,033 feet) • Mid-Mountain: 1,722 metres (5,646 feet) • Bottom of the lowest chair: 1,190 metres (3,900 feet) MOUNTAIN BIKING: 28 Trails - Beginner to Expert
  22. Silver Star Mountain Resort

    Everything from beginner trails to expert runs filled with burms, table tops and a ton of wooden features are offered, making a trip to Silver Star a must. The Comet Six Pack Express is Canada’s largest mountain bike lift, taking bikers to 1,600 vertical feet of great riding terrain. The high-speed detachable lift is fitted with roll-on bike carriers and has a ride-time to the top of less than eight minutes. Grab your bike from the ever-so-friendly lift attendant, strap on your armour, and get ready for action. SOME INTERESTING BIKE PARK FACTS: Chair lifts 1 High Speed Six Person Chair (holds four bikes in roll on racks per chair) - 7.5 min ride time Number of Trails/runs 17 trails – ranging from green (easy) to double black (expert only) Degree of Difficulty 15% beginner, 40% intermediate, 45% Advanced Total Length of Runs 18 runs X 1600 vertical feet = 27,200 vertical feet
  23. Frisby Ridge Trail

    Perhaps the most accessible alpine mountain bike trail in BC, the new Frisby Ridge Trail offers a perfect introduction to the high elevation adventure Revelstoke has to offer. Starting in a cut-block at an elevation of 1330m, this trail climbs gently but steadily for 12km before descending to a sub-alpine lake. The views along Frisby Ridge are nothing short of spectacular and there are many opportunities to stop for pictures and a rest. Once you've turned yourself around the descent back to the parking lot is a fast and flowy piece of heaven. Remember, uphill riders have the right of way so use caution when approaching the many blind corners. It is important to note that there is no water between the trailhead and the lake so riders should prepare accordingly. Access: From Revelstoke head west on Highway #1, at the Highway #23 junction (traffic lights here), turn right (north) onto Westside Road. Drive for about 8km to a point where it turns into an odd 4 way junction leading off onto gravel logging roads. To this point, don’t be fooled by the Frisby Ridge Snowmobile signs, some point the right way, some don’t! Turn left on the Frisby Ridge Road (signed as such), and there is also a tall cedar post with a small blue sign indicating “Rec Trail” with an arrow and bike symbol. All subsequent junctions are signed similarly, and will lead you 9km up the gravel road to the parking area (trailhead kiosk here). The access is 2 wheel drive accessible, but we recommend a vehicle with some clearance. Cycling from town to the trailhead adds about 2 hours and 800m of climbing. Distance Information: 12.9km one way Elevation Information: 1330m (parking lot) to 2030m (high point) Rating: intermediate XC
  24. Keystone/Standard Basin Trail

    The Keystone Standard Basin trail sets the standard for epic alpine rides. Only 2km of technical climbing from the parking lot and you burst into the alpine, with kilometers of buff singletrack snaking across the basin before you. The month of August sees these meadows blazing with wildflowers while every day of the year you will be surrounded snow covered peaks and distant glaciers. After several kilometers of fast singletrack and a superb climb through numerous avalanche paths you'll be treated to an eye watering descent to a sub-alpine lake. Here beside the lake is a cabin and this is were most folks will rest up before tackling the trail in reverse. Distance Information: 11km to the cabin Elevation Information: 1800m to 2200m Rating: expert XC Access: Turn off Highway #1 and drive 50kms north of Revelstoke on Highway #23N. Turn right (east) on the Keystone FSR. Drive a further 15km’s of dirt road to reach the trail head almost at tree line (road junctions are signed). The road is rough in spots but can be driven with a high clearance 2wd. This road is subject to logging traffic, a VHF radio is recommended.
  25. Flowdown

    Revelstoke's newest cross country trail! Competed fall 2011 the Flowdown trail adds new a sweet and flowy entrance to the Macpherson cross country area. What does it mean for mountain bikers?? Well, less riding on the highway to get to Macpherson from Revelstoke, and the newest, longest, and bestest option for a buff and flowy climb or descent to add into your route for the day. This is a fabulous option if you prefer a smooth start your day, or would prefer to avoid some of the more techy trails. This trail links into the upper sections of Macpherson at Dusty Beaver, creating a whole pile of new link up options for a day's ride. This trail was a true community project, funded by the City of Revelstoke Infrastructure Funding, conceived and built by volunteers from the Revelstoke Cycling Association, and with final touches like beautiful cedar baordwalks added in using the talents and elbow grease of local riders.
  26. Mt. Macphearson Trail Network

    The trail system on Mt. Macpherson is a growing and evolving entity. With new trails being built every year and a 15 year history etched in the dirt, these trails showcase the time and energy the Revelstoke Cycling Association has poured into the local riding community. Featuring over 40km of single track trails built in a variety of styles, you'll find a ride to suit any mood. Looking for a fast and flowing roll? Check out Hemlock Groove and Yew R Here. Think the old school technical lines suit you better? Try Root Canal or test yourself on Tantrum. For those looking to chase gravity, TNT or Berm Donor are a sure bet. But remember, you are just a likely to find someone climbing these trails as descending. So familiarize yourself with the local code of conduct conveniently posted on the trailhead kiosks. Distance Information: Approximately 40km of XC trails Elevation Information: Approximately 500m – 900m Rating: Approximately 20% easy, 60% intermediate, and 20% difficult XC Need a map? You can get a great up-to-date waterproof map at local bike shops. Proceeds from maps sales go to the RCA, so purchase a map and support the RCA!
  27. Crowbar Trailhead

  28. Mount Revelstoke National Park

    Mt. Revelstoke National Park – The 2km/5km trail is a good, easy, short ride. Park at the Nels Nelsen parking area or ride from town via the connector trail behind the Railway Museum. Check the Mt. Revelstoke National Park site for more information.
  29. Mt. Cartier Rec Trail

    The Mt. Cartier recreation trail has been used for many years as a great early season mt. bike ride, it is one of the first trails to melt out in the spring. More recently, the potential of this trail has begun to show itself…the hardiest of riders are riding up it to the summit of Mt. Cartier, and the more adventurous and getting a heli-drop at the summit and down-hilling it! The summit views are all time! - Access: From Revelstoke drive about 10km south on Airport Way, there is a brown trailhead kiosk on the east side of the road, park on the shoulder. - The Ride: Lower Cartier provides an undulating climb with a few steep switch-backs to a view point at 2.5km, and a very nice flowy descent. If you need to push yourself a little harder, ascend the trail for about 2000m/6500ft to the summit! The trail is reportedly about %50-75 rideable by advanced and extremely fit riders with, and for the most part is an excellent climbing grade (the original trail was built for horse drawn wagon!). The heli drop is reported to be one of the most epic rides ever, extremely long with sustained technicality. Contact one of the local helicopter companies in town for further information on aerial access. Not many riders have completed the full ascent or descent of this trail, so there is some ongoing debate as to the best choice of bikes and the merits of the trail for cycling….go check it out and send your opinion to revybiker@gmail.com! - Notes. This trail is a popular hiking trail, ride with caution and be courteous to other trail users, uphill bikers and hikers have the right of way! Also, be aware the trail is maintained as a hiking trail, there is little signage and some sections of rocky and narrow trail – ride cautiously!
  30. Boulder Mountain

  31. Turtle Mountain

  32. Frisbee Mountain

  33. Motocross Track

  34. Deadmans Creek Dirtbike Trail Area